Import – Variable Pay(Deduction, Earning)

To Import variable pay please follow the below steps: Click on Import Menu. Import screen shown. Like below. In “Importing for” select the “Employee Payroll – Variable Pay” from drop down list File should be in CSV format and it should be a minimise while importing. Check the below file format. Select the file which […]

How To Process Payroll

Click on Payroll Menu. Then click on Payroll tab. Payroll screen shown. Like below.   Select the Month for which you want to process the payroll from “Payroll Process for”. Make the status “Unlock”. Status should be Unlock while processing the payroll. Keep the Employee View on Hold. Click on “Process Payroll” Button to process […]

Process Payroll – Arrear

Click on Arrear. Fill details and click on save button. You can also add payroll element before saving. Saved records will be visible on the same page.

Payroll – Process Payroll – Attendance Summary

Click on Attendance Summary. To process attendance select the period and status must be unlocked. Now click on process attendance button. In case of missing employee in process attendance, you must have to click on Add missing employee button. Then click on process Attendance button. To make changes in payable days first must be unlock […]

Payroll – Financial Year

Click on new financial year to create new financial year Fill the details and click on save button to save the changes. After saving It will shows the all records.