Asset – Returns

To Return Asset employee need to go in Asset Click on Allocated tab Now you can see the list of asset allocated to you Then click the Return Asset button from the allocated devices list that you have to return After clicking on Return Asset button you can able to see the following screen Now […]

Asset – Allocate

It will show the allocated asset details,If you want to see the allocated history details you have to click on allocated history tabs. It shows the over all details of the allocated assets as per the selected tab.   You can edit, delete asset details from history as shown below.

Asset – Approve

You can approve asset by clicking on green tick mark in card view and list view. You can reject asset by clicking on red cross mark in card view and list view. In list view, you can select check box and approve all assets by clicking on green tick mark or reject all assets by […]

Asset – Apply

Select employee from the list to apply for asset request. Select the asset. Select the type of asset. Enter the number of asset you want. Enter the number of months you want an asset. Enter the asset details. Enter the reason for apply for asset. Select the start date from when you want an asset. […]

Asset – Introduction

Easy HR Asset. For applying for an asset of the company, click on “More” and go to “Asset” option. In this you will get the overall details of asset who has apply ,who has been got approve, the allocated details and the return details of an asset for a particular employee or overall employee.  

Asset – Return

For returning the asset the particular employee can only return the asset from his /her account. Go to Asset Menu (From Employee Account) Select the Allocated Tab ,here you will get the all asset record which is allocated to you. Here you can select the date on which you want to return the asset. Click […]

Asset – Report

Asset reports contains the overall details of Company Asset. Asset Applied Report. Asset Allocated Report. Asset Returned Report. For Running a report. Go to Reports tab. Select the date range from the dropdown which contain the multiple option like this year ,last month records.It will filter the record according the date range selected. For displaying […]

Asset – Approve

Approve tab is used to approve or reject the request send by the employee, here all records are shown in the card view. Approve Button is to approve the request sent by an employee. Request Button is to reject the request. If you click on reject button,then there is a pop up now click on […]

Asset – Apply

For applying the asset, you need to fill up the required details. Select the Employee from the dropdown list. Select the Asset which you want to apply. If there is asset type then you can select the type of asset from the dropdown list. Asset count is the number of asset you want to apply. […]

Asset – Allocate

After Approve you need to allocate the asset. Go to Allocate sub menu. Click on allocate. Enter the number of asset you want to allocate (Allocate Count) Select the Date from when you want to allocate the asset. Click on “Allocate Button” to Allocate the Asset. If the asset is allocated, then the allocated detail […]