Loan – History

Click on History. It shows the all details of loan history Like Past Loan,recent Loan,and waiting for approval loan request. i.e Its show pending and past items. Click on Activity It shows the details of activity regarding the loan like loan approve details,loan request details and other loan details.

Loan – Prepayment

Click on the loan Prepayment Select the employee and you will get the all details. After filling above detail click on prepayment button. Then it will ask for the confirmation and after clicking on OK button the prepayment will be done.    

Loan – Prepayment History

Click on Payment History Following screen will display It will show you prepayment history It’s shows the approval request, pending and past items, past prepayment request….etc Click on Activity. It will show you all Loan Activities as shown in above screen shot.

Loan – Payroll Loan Report

Click on Report. Following screen gets displayed. In this you will get two categories of report i.e. Standard and Custom. In Standard reports, you will get Loan Details report, Loan Disbursement, EMI Register, Defaulter List,Outstanding Loan,Total Interest….etc. In custom reports, you can customize your own report by using report designer.

Loan – Loan Summary

In loan summary you can see the full details of Loan Status, Loan Type,Balance Amount,Interest Rate and EMI Remaining. After selecting the loan type you will get all details of that loan type like Loan Status, Loan Type,Balance Amount,Interest Rate and EMI Remaining etc

Loan – Prepayment Approval

If employee request for an prepayment then it will ask for the approval in prepayment approval tab click on prepayment approval The person who has authority can approve or reject the prepayment request. If they reject the prepayment request then they need to enter reason for rejection. enter the reason and click on ok.

Loan – Prepayment Request

This option is used when employee wants to pay the installment before the EMI date Prepayment request can only made by the employee after entering in prepayment request you will get the following screen after filling the details click on the apply prepayment button. after applying for prepayment, your request will go for the approval.

Loan – Loan Disbursement

After clicking on Loan Disbursement you will get the below screen In Loan Disbursement you can give the Loan Account No, EMI Start Date and Mode of Payment. you can save or delete the data by clicking on save or delete button respectively        

Loan – Loan Approval

After applying for loan by employee, its goes to the admin/hr or manager for approval The admin/hr or manager can approve or reject the loan by clicking on the approve or reject button respectively

Loan – Loan Request

In Loan request employee request for the loan or advance salary After clicking on loan request you will get the below screen Fill the details and click on the Apply Loan button. Now you are done with the apply loan process.