Induction – Report

Click on Report Here you can get the Pending,On Hold,In-Progress,Complete and Induction Details Report. Click on the any one of the above and run the report. Here you can see the above field i.e employee name,Template,Comments,Additional Comments and Company.    

Induction – History

Click on Induction History Here you will get the Pending,In-Progress, On Hold and completed induction History. Click on Assign Manually Select the Employee,Template and click on the Assign Manually button.  

Induction – Induction Template

Click on Induction Template. The list of all Induction Template will get display. That include Template Name,Criteria and option. To create new Template click on the create template button. Now click on Save.    

Induction – Induction Task

Click on Induction. Induction Task will be opened. Here you can get the list of task including the field Task,Description,Data Type and Options. To create New Task just click on the New Task Button. And then click on Save button to save.