How to Approve Leave

To Approve a Leave Request please follow the below steps : Click on Leave Menu. Then click on Leave Approve tab. After that Leaves Request Approval Screen shown. Like below. All the Leave request which are pending for Approval are shown here. Click on Check Mark to Approve the leave. Click on Cross Mark to […]

How To Apply For Leave

To apply for a Leave please follow the below steps : Click on Leave Menu. Then click on Apply Leave tab. After that Apply for Leaves Screen shown. Like below. Select the Leave type from drop down list. Select the From Date and To Date. Then Applied Leave Days and Actual Leave Days get calculated […]

Leaves – Reports

You can see many types of leave reports.               You can run different types of reports and see the leave details, leave balance of  employees. Most of the times, leave Activity report is used to see the details of leaves.  

Leaves – Encash Approve

You can approve or reject leaves for encashment.               You can see leave encashment approval  history.  

Leaves – Encash Apply

Select the employee from the drop down to apply for a leave encash request. Select the leave type from the drop down. Enter the number of days you want to encash for a leave. Enter the description for more information. Click on apply button to apply for a leave encash request. Click on cancel button […]

Leaves – Calendar

You can see leave records of employees, such as when employees leave was approved etc in calendar.  

Leaves – Adjust Balance

Select the name of the field with which you want to search the data. Select the operator to match the field value. Enter the value to be searched for selected field name. Select AND/OR for multiple search criteria. Click to display the result matching the search criteria.

Leaves – History

Here you can view employees leave history such as when employee has applied leave, when it was approved or rejected and by whom. You also have option to select date range.  

Select leave process (Credit/Debit) Select leave type to be credited/debited. Select the applicable to from the drop down. Select employee from the list to whom leave needs to be credited/debited. Enter number of day(s) to be credited/debited. Enter notes. Click the save button to credit/debit the leave for the employee.

Leaves – Approve

You can approve leave by clicking on tick mark or reject leave by clicking on cross mark of the employees.