Work from Home

Work from Home – Report

Work from home reports contains the overall details of work from home. Work From Home History Report. Work From Home Approved Report. work From Home Activity Report. For Running a report. Go to Reports tab. Select the date range from the dropdown which contain the multiple option like this year ,last month records.It will filter […]

Work from Home – Approve

Work from Home Request Approval is a section where all the request is collected who has been approved for working from home.. Here the admin or manager has the access to approve or reject the request of employee whom has applied for work from home. It gives the details for the employee, who has applied […]

Work from Home – Request

Work from home or work at home arrangement involves working from home. To apply for the work from home. Go to Work from home menu and click on it . You can Apply/ request for the work from home. Click on employee dropdown list and select an employee. Give the purpose or reason for working […]