Training – Feedback Question

Training feedback question is use to add the multiple question for the feedback of the training. Here you need to add the question one by one by clicking on the button called “New Question”. You can create the question in multiple way like checkbox form or question like MCQ Form the save it you will […]

Training – Summary

Training Summary gives the overall details of Assign Training.

Training – Reports

Reports gives overall summary of training list, employee details to whom the training has been assigned. We have multiple reports as shown below: Training List. It lists all the available training. It gives the details like on which date the training was created, name of training, Occurrence, passing marks in percentage as shown below: Training […]

Training – History

Training history displays the history of all the training which has been assigned to employees. Select training from dropdown list. It contain “Create topic of training” as shown below. Select the criteria from dropdown to filter the data. Select Option in the sub type of Select Criteria like if you select Employee from Select the […]

Training – Feedback Template

In this you can create the template for the training feedback .Template contains the multiple question. You can have just one template in which you can add multiple question . For Creating the template you need to just click on “Create Template” button. Template Name: Enter the Name of the template. Training List : It […]

Training – Feedback History

In Training Feedback History there are 5 tab which contain the history of the assigned feedback template which is created on feedback template. Pending In progress Completed On hold Assign Manually Assign Manually. Here you can assign the feedback template directly by selecting the employee list from dropdown list and can assign the particular template […]

Training – Calendar

Training Calendar displays calendar view on which date the training has been assigned. Go to Training Calendar. Select the option from dropdown, if you select All then it will display all records. You can search records according to employee wise. Here you can see an employee name from the dropdown.  

Training – Introduction

Training can be described as “an educational process which involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining more knowledge to enhance the performance of employees. Admin can assign training to employees. Go to more and select “Training”. It has the sub menu like Summary, Create Training, Assign Training, Training Calendar, History, Feedback […]

Training – Create

You can create the training which can be assigned to employees. Steps to create the training. Go to Create training sub menu. Enter the topic of training which you want to create. Select the Occurrence from the dropdown list. Enter the Passing mark which is in percentage. Enter the Time Limit only in “Minutes”. Enter […]

Training – Assign

Assign Training: In this you can assign training to multiple employee the training. You can see the history of assign training.(i.e.)Assigned Date. You can click on “Pencil symbol” if you want to Edit or update the record “Cross symbol” is used to Delete the record . Steps to assign the training: Click on “Assign” Button. […]