How To Punch Attendance From Web Application

To Punch Attendance from Web Application please follow the below steps : Click on Attendance Menu. Then click on Check In/Out tab. Attendance Screen shown. Like below. Click on Check-in Button to make checkin entry. Click on Check-out button to make checkout entry.

How to apply for Attendance Rationalization

To apply for a rationalization please follow the below steps : Click on Attendance Menu. Then click on My Attendance tab. Here you can see all your Attendance Details for current month. You have to click on blank white space on date to apply for rationalization. After that Rationalize Attendance Screen shown. Like below.   […]

Settings /Attendance /Missing Attendance Notification

Click on the Missing Attendance Notification. Send missing attendance notification, if its set to yes, then they received the missing attendance notification. To add new notification, click on the New Notification. After clicking on New Notification you will get the below screen. Fill the above detail i.e Occurrence, that you want daily,monthly,quarterly..etc. select it from […]

Settings /Attendance /Absent Notification Workflow

Click on the setting then Attendance and then on Absent Notification workflow. Activate employee absent notification workflow? If set to yes then it will send the notification of absent active employee. You can also set the Notification applies to by selecting from drop down list like department,region,division,branch,company,product,….etc. You can stop payment of an employee by […]

Settings /Attendance /Always Present

Click on Setting then Attendance and then Always Present. The employees in always present list are not required to do Check In and Check Out. They will be always present without check in and check out. To add new employee in Always Present list click on the +Add New Employee. To save the changes click […]

Settings /Attendance /Attendance Approval

Click on Setting then attendance and then on Attendance Approval In Attendance Approval you have to define the Approvers those are responsible to approve the approval. This an Organization level approval and this will apply for all the employee in an organization. Here you can also add the exception criteria for particular by clicking on […]

Settings /Attendance /Attendance Settings

Click on the Attendance ans then on the¬†Attendance Settings Here you can set the Present,holiday,absent,works on weekend,works on holiday and weekend setting. ¬†In above for present setting Check in and Check out is compulsory. you can also select OR from drop down list. You can define Alias here for Present,Absent,Works on Weekend and for Works […]

Settings /Attendance /Shift

Click on the Attendance and then on Shift To add shift click on the +New Shift after clicking on +New Shift button the below screen will display Fill the above details and to save the changes click on the save button.  

Settings /Attendance /Holiday List

Click on the setting and then on Holiday List. To add a new holiday click on the +New Holiday button. Here you can give holiday name, holiday date and you can select Yes or No from drop down box for optional holiday option. Select from drop down box for Apply to option and to save […]

Settings /Attendance /Weekly Working Days

Click on the attendance and then Weekly Working Days. Here you can mention the weekly working days by clicking on the you can also set the particular day is half day. For example your working days is Monday to Saturday and Saturday is half day then the setting will be To save the setting […]