Timesheet – Report

To view a report click on Report. The timesheet report will get display Two types of standard reports are there Timesheet Detail Report and Timesheet Approval Status Report Select the report that you want and click on the run report button It shows all the records.      

Timesheet – Approve

Click on Approve button It show the all records The corresponding can approve or reject the request by clicking on View Detail button. It will show all the detail of timesheet The corresponding person can approve the timesheet by clicking on Approve Timesheet button or Reject the timesheet by clicking on Reject button. Or they […]

Timesheet – Timsheet Entry

Click on Timesheet the timesheet entry tab will be get opened. Select the date from the calendar on which date,you want to apply for a time sheet entry Click on”+” sign green button to add the details ,on which project you where working which include start time and end time It will show the number […]

Timesheet – Project

Click on new Project button to create a new project. Fill the required details. You can also add team members, you need to just click on ‘+ Add’ button and click on checkbox after that click on ‘cross icon’ and click on Save button. After saving above details you can see over all details of […]

Timesheet – Client

To create timesheet, you need to first create client. Click on timesheet and then click on Add New Client. Now click on Save button. Shows over all detail of the client.