Settings /Employee /Configuration

If Show Employee in Directory after Record Creation is set to yes, you can see employee in the directory. Otherwise, you can’t see employee in directory. If last day of employment is on weekend or on holiday then you can select from drop down list to chose the last working day of that employee i.e […]

Settings /Employee /Confirmation Notification

Click on the Confirmation Notification The above screen will display. This is an Organization Level Notification Select the corresponding employee whom you want to send the notification After selecting the employee click on the Save Changes button

Settings /Employee /Confirmation Approval

Click on the approval If the configuration setting is set on “Based On Approval” then it will display the following screen This is an Organization Level Approval and that will apply for all the employees in organization. Select the Require Approval person from employee list who is responsible for all the approve process. You can […]

Settings /Employee /Confirmation Approval- Feedback

Click on the Confirmation Approval This is Organization Level Approval and  Will apply for all the employee in an organization. In Require approval tab Select the employee from the employee list who will be responsible for the approval. You can add exception by clicking on +Add Exception button. You can also remove the exception by […]

Settings /Employee /Tasks and Incident

Click on Task. Fill the details and click on the Add button. Your Task is now created. Click on Incident You will get the below screen. Click on the occurred while tab to select the situation. Then add description in Description tab. And finally click on Add button.  

Settings /Employee /Employee Transfer Notification and Confirmation Inactive Notification

Click on the Employee Transfer Notification Here you can select the multiple employee from the list whom you want to send the notification of Employee Transfer. After selecting the employee click on the save button. To Reset the data click on the reset button. Click on the Confirmation Inactive Notification Here you can select the […]

Settings /Employee /New Joinee Approval

Click on New Joinee Approval Its shows below screen Here you can add the employee name from whom you need approval for new joinee. Here you can select one or more than one employee at a time. To add new exception click on +Add Exception After clicking on +Add Exception you need to fill the […]

Settings /Employee /Auto Generate Employee Code

Click on the Auto Generate Employee Code If you select Yes on Auto Generate Employee Code it will generate the employee code automaticaly For this you have to fill the some criteria details that you have in your organization for an employee code. To automatically generate the employee code. set the Auto Generate Employee Code […]

Settings /Employee /Groups

Click on  Employee. The first option in employee that is Group will get open. Here you can Create a new group, edit the particular group,delete the particular group and you can add employee to the group. To create a new group click on the New Group button. Fill the details and click on the Save […]

Employee Confirmation Feedback Reports

In Employee Confirmation Feedback Reports you can get the pending,in-progress, complete,confirmation details report and confirmation approval details